Spay/Neuter Policies



HSNEGA is experiencing a high demand for spay/neuter surgeries. In addition, due to a nationwide veterinarian shortage, HSNEGA is currently understaffed. As such, we are not accepting any more spay/neuter appointments at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you already have an application on file, we will be in contact with you about scheduling your pet.

Required Vaccines

Per the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture, we require a current rabies vaccination on all surgery animals (within the past year). If you cannot provide veterinary proof, the vaccination will be administered at the time of surgery for a charge of $12.


Please note that there can be additional surgical risk factors for older animals that often are detected through bloodwork. Bloodwork is highly recommended, and going forward bloodwork is required for all pets 7 years and older. The cost for bloodwork is $40 per animal and must be performed at least 24 hours in advance of surgery. 

Age of Animal

We perform surgery on animals at least 8 weeks old; kittens must weigh at least 2 pounds, puppies 3 pounds. HSNEGA highly recommends all animals be altered by 4 months old to avoid heat cycles and for faster recovery.


We strongly recommend routine heartworm testing for dogs and routine feline combo testing for cats. Surgical complications can arise if your pet is positive for one of these conditions.

Pregnancy/Medical Conditions

Pregnant females, animals with hernias or cryptorchid (retained testicle) animals will be charged additional fees (see above).

NURSING FEMALES: Female dogs must be scheduled 1-month post nursing, and female cats must be scheduled 2 weeks post nursing. If milk is present during surgery, the incision site is more likely to become infected.

Refusal of Service

HSNEGA reserves the right to refuse service to animals we believe are generally unhealthy, possess medical concerns, aggressive or pose a risk to our staff and/or other animals. Please see your regular veterinarian for any illnesses prior to coming for vaccines or spay/neuter surgeries.


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