Youth Service Projects

What is the difference between a Service Learning Project and volunteering at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA)? Service Learning Projects are completed individually and off-site, with the guidance of our staff as needed. You are able to choose a project that best meets both your needs and those of HSNEGA and can be completed at your own pace. Active HSNEGA volunteers make a commitment of at least 4 hours per month for 6 months.

Although projects may vary, Service Learning Projects are for those students, scouts, club members, or other individuals who contact us for guidance or mentoring on a project. If you or your group is looking to complete a Service Learning Project, please see below for our Service Learning guidelines.

How to Begin

Please read the information listed below very carefully. If you are interested in seeking staff support from the HSNEGA, or wish us to be the recipient of your project, you can begin by reaching out to HSNEGA’s Volunteer Coordinator at

Examples of Projects

  • Scout Projects (ex: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Eagle Scout)
  • School Interviews or Research projects
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Youth Community Service Hours

Guidelines and Expectations

  1. Any individual or group agrees to the following guidelines when they are seeking staff support from the HSNEGA with a project.
  2. Individuals wishing to complete a project with the assistance of the HSNEGA must complete and submit a Project Request Form.
  3. All communication about the project must come from the student(s) themselves.
  4. Meetings or appointments must be requested at least one week ahead of time. We are not able to accommodate drop-in or last-minute requests.
  5. The Development and Marketing department will facilitate all requests for interviews.
  6. In order to ensure the success and viability of a project, the HSNEGA should be contacted before the start of the project.
  7. The HSNEGA cannot provide any financial assistance for projects. Any material or supply costs incurred need to be covered by those completing the projects.
  8. The HSNEGA cannot guarantee staff attendance at project-related and organized events.
  9. All those completing projects are required to record their hours accurately and will be signed off by an HSNEGA staff member upon completion of the project.
  10. Individuals authorize the use of and reproduction by the HSNEGA, or anyone authorized by the HSNEGA, or any and all photographic materials which are taken. Said pictures may be used in the production of any HSNEGA publication or for public relations purposes in any medium without compensation to the individual(s). All photos and brochures shall be considered solely and completely the property of the HSNEGA. Individuals also waive any right to inspect or improve the finished product(s) that may use the image.
  11. HSNEGA staff reserves the right not to sign off, accept, or approve projects which do not meet the guidelines or expectations of the organization.
  12. HSNEGA staff reserves the right to terminate the support of a project at any time if expectations are not met.

Current needs/Project ideas

Below is a list of projects that we are currently seeking volunteers for. Some of these are on-going needs, while others are a one-time project. The projects listed range from basic to advanced.

  • Cat Toys
  • Dog Treats & Toys
  • No Sew Fleece Blankets (Cat Adoptions)
  • Kuranda Bed Covers
  • Fundraisers

Make a difference in the lives of animals.

Give with Confidence

At HSNEGA, we want to remember the amazing rescues that come to stay with us. All of the animals pictured on this site have been with us at some point. Some have already found their forever homes, but some may still be here at HSNEGA! The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #58-0678817) and has received top recognition from the following charity rating organizations:

Best of Georgia, GreatNonProfit & GuideStar Seals