Help Save a Life

Even in a time of global crisis where things can change in an instant, one thing stays constant…YOU!

HSNEGA took in 234 special cases last year thanks to YOU. A “special case” is a rescue or multiple rescues that need special attention whether it’s a medical emergency or behavioral issues from a hoarding situation, anything beyond the scope of our “normal” care and resources.

The Georgia Power linemen who rescued the puppies out of a dumpster.

On the rainy cold morning of February 25, 2020, two Georgia Power linemen rescued three puppies who had been found in a DUMPSTER. They were covered in filth, their ribs protruding around their bloated bellies, and frightened beyond belief.

These puppies have gone through enough terror in their short lives. With your help, these three innocent babies, who were discarded as trash, get the care they need to grow big and strong.

YOU are the ONLY reason we can help these very special animals.

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Meet your 2020 Season of Saves

Meet the “Merle Sisters,” YOUR winter save.

Mostly deaf and blind, these 5 sisters were limited to their understanding of the world around them.

Thanks to you, they are learning to love through the warm embrace of their forever families. Without you, their world would have remained a cold, dark, unforgiving place.

Meet Tony, YOUR spring save.

Tony arrived at HSNEGA with a gaping wound. One so horrific, it made you wonder who or what did something like this to him and how he made it out alive.

Thanks to YOU, the terrible events of Tony’s past are just that, a thing of the past. Tony is now all healed and relaxing in his forever home!

Meet Ellie Mae, YOUR summer save.

It took hot dogs and 5 hours laying in dirt and poison ivy for the good Samaritans to gain Ellie Mae’s trust enough for her to leave the comforts of her hiding place… a drainage pipe.

More than 70 ticks were plucked from her little body, her fur dirty and matted.

Without you, Ellie Mae may have never made it out of that cold, dark and damp drainage pipe. With you, she is now living her best life in the comforts of a warm and loving home.

Meet Bridgette, YOUR fall save.

Bridgette, the little miracle of Thompson Bridge, a miracle sent by you…

Bridgette, barely days old, found herself in the middle of one of Gainesville’s busiest roads, crying out for the mother now lost…

It’s a miracle little Bridgette made it off Thompson Bridge with her precious life.

Now, because you always show up for animals when they need you the most, she has a loving family all of her own.


Make a difference in the lives of animals.

Give with Confidence

At HSNEGA, we want to remember the amazing rescues that come to stay with us. All of the animals pictured on this site have been with us at some point. Some have already found their forever homes, but some may still be here at HSNEGA! The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #58-0678817) and has received top recognition from the following charity rating organizations:

Best of Georgia, GreatNonProfit & GuideStar Seals