November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month

During the holiday season, many are busy planning their holiday festivities including sending out invites to their family and friends. While we always make sure grandma and grandpa are invited over for a holiday meal, there are many senior rescues who would also love to join in with your festivities. November is #AdoptASeniorPet month and there is no better time to give a spunky senior rescue the loving home they’ve been dreaming of.

Why Adopt a Senior Rescue?

“That’s the spot.” Junior Whopper enjoying back scratchies. Photo credit: Wentzek Photography

Senior rescues often spend more time in shelters waiting for someone to recognize they still have a lot of love to give. It can be hard to look past the puppies with their cute little faces and puppy breathe. However, as Petfinder points out, many people underestimate the time commitment bringing home a young pup can consume. Unlike puppies, older rescues often require less time to be trained and are content with less playtime. Older cats are also more interested in lounging around, the opposite of their very explorative younger kitten counterparts.

There are many benefits to adopting a senior rescue. Wisdom, ageless love, and calm demeanor to name a few. Many older rescues still love to learn new tricks and go on adventures, their demeanor is usually just calmer in later years. They would rather be by your side, enjoying your love, than getting into things they shouldn’t.

Fred is happy to share his love with his FURever family.

One example is Fred. A 7-year-old Irish Wolfhound who came to HSNEGA after being dumped at a regional animal control facility, suffering from a severe case of diabetes. After years of neglect, Fred is now with his FURever family who reports he has made a lasting impact on their life just like they have his.

Senior Rescues at HSNEGA

Junior Whopper, 9-year-old Pointer mix. Photo Credit: Wentzek Photography

Give a senior rescue, like Junior Whopper, a home for the holidays! He is an HSNEGA volunteer and team favorite who has unfortunately spent the majority of his puppy and senior years living in a shelter. All this 9-year-old Pointer mix has dreamed about is being someone’s best friend. He’d love to spend his days curled up at your side getting all the pets. And maybe sneaking in a few treats too! Meet him at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm.

Can’t Adopt but Want to Help Senior Rescues?

There are many ways you can help older rescues as they wait for their FURever families.

  • Help promote older rescues like Junior Whopper by sharing social posts about them.
  • Donate towards their care as they are often in the shelters longer than younger pups and need special medical attention.
  • Become a foster for an older rescue to help them get a break from shelter life. HSNEGA has just launched a sleepover foster program to allow rescues weekend getaways to get a break from shelter life. For more information contact
  • Volunteer and help give senior rescues a little extra love while they wait for their FURever families.

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia’s Adoption Center is located at 845 West Ridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30501 and is open Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm.

Photos of Junior Whooper were taken by, Wentzek Photography,

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UPDATE 11/5/20: Junior Whopper has found his FURever home!


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