Moving with a FURpose

Today we want to share with everyone the remarkable journey one of our rescues has made!

Bailey is a one-year-old German Shepherd mix who has been through a lot in such a short time. Upon his arrival at HSNEGA, Bailey was very untrusting of strangers and reactive to people walking past his kennel. Bailey was calm around staff members who brought him outside to play, but to others, he would snarl. Being unpredictable, Bailey was made an appointment only rescue, but unfortunately, none of the interest shown in him turned into a FURever home.

With the help of our Behavior and Animal Care Coordinators, Bailey made immense progress as his time at HSNEGA lengthened. Bailey began to enjoy playgroups with other rescues, liked to learn new tricks, and was obsessed with chasing tennis balls. The only issue was that Bailey still felt untrusting of strangers walking past his kennel without a proper introduction. Bailey needed a large space to roam, and so our staff began to search near and far in order to find him the relief he needed.

One of our PAWesome board members learned of Bailey’s situation and passed along his information to a facility called Big Dog Rescue Ranch located in Florida. Amazingly, they decided to help him!

Big Dog Rescue Ranch is a world-class, 33-acre campus designed to rescue homeless dogs and give them ultimate space to play until they find a family. From buildings designed so that no rooms share air to minimize illness and to the attention to detail of every corner, Big Dog Ranch Rescue Campus is unparalleled and was the perfect place for Bailey to move.

We are so thankful that Bailey has made a seamless transition to his new facility and is doing better than ever! We hope he finds his FURever home soon now that he can live stress-free!

“When I walked into the room that Bailey was in at Big Dog Rescue Ranch, he looked like a completely different dog. He looked super happy, relaxed, and wasn’t reactive like he used to be. I opened up his kennel and the first thing he did was jump up to give me a hug! I have never seen him that excited before. He couldn’t stop giving me hugs. I started to tear up because I have never seen him that happy. The staff was great too, he was completely comfortable with them. This was an amazing outcome and it is definitely inspiring.” ~Kayla, HSNEGA Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator.

We hope you’re enjoying these weekly feel-good stories YOU made PAWssible!

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