Happy Tail: Skittles

Alex from Chamblee, GA adopted Skittles from HSNEGA in March of 2018 and was kind enough to share her Happy Tail adoption story. Skittles was a very shy dog who, even before Alex and Skittles met, was sponsored by an Adoption Angel that recognized Skittles’ timidness and wanted to help her find her forever family. Luckily for Skittles, Alex visited HSNEGA at the perfect time as they both left as instant best friends. Watch the video below to hear how Skittles changed Alex’s life.

“Hi my name is Alex.

We adopted an Australian Shepard mix named Skittles. She was a very shy skittish dog who wouldn’t even get up to greet people. However, when my family saw her she kind of looked away but once I walked over she seemed very interested. I started petting her and running from the front to the back of the kennel and she would follow me. I really wanted to meet her because she was very sweet even though we were not planning on adopting a dog that day. Once she got into the meeting room she came right up to me without hesitation and she was laying on me and wanted me to pet her.

I felt bad because my parents wanted to look at another dog, but Skittles had bonded with me and made me her “person” as one of the workers said. She would follow me and do tricks, she was even nice to my parents. Skittles was a sweet dog and very scared of being touched, but for some reason she was fine if I laid my head on her. She was such a sweet dog. My parents said we should get her not just from how sweet she was but because of how close she was to me.

After we meet her we found out that she was an Adoption Angel. This means that her adoption fee had already been paid for. Even though the fee was already paid that didn’t influence our choice at all, we would have been glad to pay the adoption fee. Once we had decided we went to the front desk. I ventured to the store with Skittles. While I was in the store I found a collar and a leash. Then I had asked my parents to let me get her a dog tag and they did so now she wears our family with pride right on her collar.

Skittles at first wouldn’t let me put the collar on she backed away, but we did get it on in the end. On our way home in the car Skittles laid right on top of me and ended up moving around so her head could be on my lap. She let me pet her and even let me put her rabies tag on and mess with her collar. Every day after school, I can’t wait to get home and I couldn’t have imagined not getting her because she is the best thing to happen to me in a while.

She is fun and energetic. She even runs by my side and plays with our other dogs. She has gone from completely reserved to playful. The best thing is when she sees me wake up and come down stairs or even come home from school she gets so excited and starts jumping and slamming her body into me and I don’t mind it at all cause I feel the same way when I see her.

This is my story with Skittles and hope this influences some of you to come and adopt one of these sweet dogs at the animal shelter no matter what.”

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Please note, the Adoption Angel program has changed since the original publishing date of this Happy Tail. Click HERE for more information on the new Adoption Angel program.


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