From Foster to Forever: Stevie’s Story

In honor of Adopt-A-Cat Month, we want to take a look back at some of the most memorable feline stories we have had throughout the years, starting with Stevie.

When Stevie arrived at HSNEGA in August of 2019 he was barely clinging to life. His sweet, tiny, half-pound body was covered in fleas and due to thick scabs of dried, infectious discharge covering his eyes and nose, he struggled with the simple acts of breathing and seeing. The HSNEGA medical team rushed to his aid, but even after cleaning him up and starting him on treatments, his eyes continued to ooze.

In desperate need of a loving foster home that could care for him while he recovered and began to see the world again, HSNEGA’s own Foster Coordinator, Kathleen Garrand, decided to step in to provide him with the support he needed.

“The first week was touch-and-go, as some symptoms improved but other problems worsened. [Stevie] was with us in foster for about 5 weeks until he was a happy, healthy kitten able to come in, and start the journey to finding a FURever home thanks to your support.” ~ Kathleen, HSNEGA’s Foster Coordinator

As the weeks went on, Stevie grew stronger and began to see the world again with clear eyes. Soon after, he was chosen to be featured on Fox 5 Atlanta as their Pet of the Day. This once homeless soul was now a TV star!

Despite his new found fame, the weeks continued to pass as Stevie anxiously waited for his FURever family to arrive. Little did he know, they had been there the whole time!

“We brought him back to find his forever home but couldn’t stop thinking about our special little guy who almost didn’t make it. We waited a few weeks to see if his family was out there, but the truth was, we were his family.” ~ Kathleen, HSNEGA’s Foster Coordinator.

That’s right, his foster family fell in love and was ready to bring Stevie home for good!

“He is now almost 2 yrs old and a biscuit-making purr machine! He is a “big brother” to many of our orphan foster kittens. He had such a bond with an orphan foster named Anchor that we decided to adopt him too! Without support from donors, fragile little kittens like Stevie would not have a chance.” ~ Kathleen, HSNEGA’s Foster Coordinator

Thank you for giving Stevie his second chance so he can help is PAWrent save even more lives!

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