Come to Mama: The Butterball Story

UPDATE: Butterball found her foever family!

Mama B.

Meet Butterball, or Mama Butters as I like to call her. She’s no turkey for starters, this beauty is a 4-year-old Boxer, Catahoula Leopard mix. Mama B. came to us from another shelter with her three little babies in tow in need of a stress-free environment. Her babies have all gone now, into wonderful loving homes while Mama B. is still waiting patiently behind.

While her milk was drying up Mama Butter’s foster mama said she was a joy and a love to have in their home. Butterball is 50% couch potato and 50% shadow, so basically the best of both worlds.

Now that the milk is all gone, Mama B has been spayed and is ready for a place to call home. There’s something about the way she looks at you with those soulful two-colored eyes. It’s like she’s seen things you wouldn’t believe and she’s trying to share her world with you. I’ve never met a sweeter dog and working in a shelter you meet a lot. Each one is different and they all touch you in different ways. They leave their mark on you when they embark on their next journey.

Butterball and her babies.

When Mama Butters finds her home I’ll always remember those eyes looking at me and asking me to love her because that’s all she wants. She would be great in a home with children of all ages. Butterball walks nice on a leash, she goes at a leisurely pace not in a hurry. She’s just happy to be walking with you.

Did I mention she thinks she’s a lap dog? She does! If you’re looking for a snuggle buddy on these cold Georgia winter days, Mama Butters is your girl. As I mentioned, with eyes like hers it’s hard to say no.

These dogs come and go through our shelter doors and every dog leaves a lasting impression. Butterball is loving, warm, understanding, and just has this calming effect that pulls you in and makes you want to love her.

I tell Mama Butters she’s beautiful every day and that her people are coming. She gets overlooked a lot which I don’t understand because she’s practically perfect.

Mama B.

That doesn’t go to say that adjustments won’t need to be made and time won’t need to be given because with any new things time is always a requirement. I don’t think Mama Butters will have a hard time at all adjusting into a nice new home where she is loved just like her babies are being loved right now.

If you were to come and visit Butterball, “Mama Butters,” “Mama B.,” you’d see her in kennel 13, staring at you with those beautiful eyes of hers, asking you to give her a chance. If you were to spend time with her you would understand exactly what I was talking about in this post. To you the reader, her forever family, I hope you come in and give her a chance.

Mama Butters is a mama to all, four legs or two, she loves everyone equally. She’s the best golden girl we have with her luscious tan fur and sweet demeanor. You won’t regret one moment with her. Take a chance, come meet her, she’s waiting just for you.

~Merissa Glass, Former HSNEGA Employee


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