Cat Enrichment Ideas

Happy National Cat Month!

It is the PURRfect time to reflect on whether or not your cat is getting enough enrichment. ‘Enrichment’, to put it simply, are tools that prevent boredom and ‘enrich’ our pet’s minds/lives.

There are many ways to provide enrichment, but here are some of HSNEGA’s favorites that are great options to try out for the kitty cat in your home:

Don’t Miss Playtime!

This one is a no-brainer, but most cats absolutely love playing! Not sure what kind of toy to buy your feline companion? No problem! Here are some of our favorite toys for cats that you can make at home:

For more laid-back felines, try these Catnip Empanadas, which can be enjoyed as a treat that also keeps them busy (that is one enjoyable 2-for-1!).

Cats also love to play with bubbles! Did you know, they even make specific bubbles that have catnip infused in them for your cat to enjoy!?

Watching TV

It may sound silly…but we promise, it works!

Believe it or not, the rescues at HSNEGA absolutely LOVE watching television (their favorite YouTube channel is one dedicated to bird watching!). This allows them to use their natural instincts of looking for prey, while remaining in a safe environment for both them and the birds!

Is your cat bored of the birds? They may enjoy aquarium videos, too!


Give them Treat Puzzles!

Like humans, cats greatly enjoy a good challenge or two, especially when it involves food!

Consider a lick mat, which you can buy from most pet stores or online. You can spread wet food on it, freeze it, and then watch them stay busy for hours, licking all of the tasty food off of it.

Or, make a snuffle mat! These are often used to hide dog treats, but they work just as well for cats (you can even hide catnip in them).

Here, you can find a way to make a snuffle mat from an old t-shirt!

Cat Scratchers

Last but not least is a cat pastime that is not only mentally stimulating, but it is also good for their health and claws… cat scratching!

There are various cat scratching posts (and even scratch tape) you can find to set up around your home, which gives your furry friend somewhere to practice their pawing. Just be sure to keep an eye out to make sure they are scratching appropriately and NOT on your furniture.

Remember, above all, a happy cat is a healthy and enriched cat!

Need more advice on how to take care of your feline friend? Visit for more Pet Ownership Resources.


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