Ally’s Story

Have you ever had an itch that you couldn’t scratch? It’s annoying, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there. And for one of our rescues, a bothersome itch became a nearly life-threatening incident.

Meet Ally.

This mom of seven first arrived at HSNEGA like any other mother of newborns – exhausted. Thankfully, that didn’t last long. Once her puppies grew big and strong enough to move into adoptions, that left Ally with a final moment of peace to rest and recover from her motherly duties. Once refreshed, it was her time to finally find the home of her dreams.

HSNEGA recognizes the importance of spaying and neutering animals in order to reduce overpopulation. So, when our rescues are ready to find homes, the first step is to do just that.

Following her spay surgery, Ally, like all of our rescues, was carefully monitored by staff. Unfortunately, during the night Ally began to feel that dreaded itch – the one she couldn’t quite scratch. The sensation was not one that sweet Ally was going to just let slide. You see, Ally was quite the ball of energy; small and mighty, as some would say. On the night following her surgery, she decided to use that energy to her ‘advantage,’ or so she thought. After a frenzied effort, Ally immediately went to scratch that itch, and unfortunately, in the process of relieving herself she accidentally opened her wound.

Within hours, our team rushed into action after finding that Ally had not only opened her wound, but began to pull her own contents out and eat them. While this situation is rare, studies have shown that it is actually very common in these instances for dogs to react in this way (Learn more about that HERE). Ally was rushed to the closest emergency veterinary hospital, where they were able to successfully repair her injuries. When our team picked her up the next day, we were shocked to see her happy, healthy, and bouncing off the walls – it was as if nothing had happened at all!

“When I went to pick up Ally, I went in expecting her to be calm and possibly sedated from pain medication. Boy, was I wrong! She was happier than ever! After speaking with the vet who preformed her surgery, she let us know that Ally was nothing short of a miracle. She’s a little fighter, that girl! It warmed my heart to see her go from such a grim outlook to being so full of joy.” ~ HSNEGA team member. 

To allow her wound to heal properly, Ally was placed into a foster home that very same day.

Ally with her Foster PAWrent, Caryn.

Once she was all healed up, she was ready to find her FURever family. It didn’t take long at all! Enter Kiara…

Ally came home with me a month ago and I couldn’t be more in love! She’s adjusting very well and every day her personality comes out a little bit more. She’s so friendly, curious, intelligent, goofy, and playful. She’s always so interested in whatever I’m doing around the house and loves her tennis balls, chewies, and doing parkour off my couch when we play.

Ally met her equine sister last week (my horse, who is very similar in personality) and loves going with me to visit my parents who refer to her as their grandpup and give her lots of love. I’m so grateful to have found this girl!” ~Kiara, HSNEGA Lifesaver and Ally‘s new PAWrent!

Now, Ally is happy, healthy, and THRIVING in her new home!

We hope you’re enjoying these feel-good stories YOU make PAWssible!



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